MAKUN Ayodeji Richards (AY), PRODUCER

Ayodele Richard Makun AY, is the Chief Executive Officer of Corporate World Entertainment.

AY is widely known throughout Nigeria, Africa and in some parts of the world as a celebrity of note whose ability and experience as a Comedian, Compere, and Showbiz Promoter has acquired a meaning in the minds of the public important to promotion and protection of any corporate or government programmes and communication objectives.

The Producer of the Multi Award Winning and Highest Grossing Movie ever in West Africa '30 Days in Atlanta is a Theatre Arts graduate of Delta State University, AY is as hysterical and topical as he is a gifted Event Planner, TV Producer, and Show Promoter. He produces, the popular AY Show, organizes the soaring AY Live concerts, and promotes shows for individuals, State Governments, Institutions, and Corporate Organisations.

His Live and TV Shows have since assumed a Family Show ‘position’ in patrons and viewers mind. He is seen as a celebrity who can be trusted and is widely trusted by individuals and families across the Nation and abroad. This fact is long-established as AY is currently on a country tour with Unilever Plc – a company renowned worldwide for creating, marketing and distributing well-known family brands. His creative skills, Show-promoting expertise, and witty proficiency have won him numerous Awards, recognitions, and endorsements, and ambassadorships. The recent Award being The Comedian of the Year 2011, courtesy City People Entertainment Awards. The Award came after he had a very successful year staging the ever crowd-pulling and celebrity-attracting AY Live across Nigeria, and in London. The Award is AY’s 27th since 2008.

AY Live on Easter Sunday 2018 (April Full Edition)

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